Take a Ride in the New Hyundai Veloster

The new Hyundai Veloster is extremely fun to drive. It is a game-changing automobile that expresses the creative side of Hyundai. The car was intended to make a particular impression.

There are several versions of the Veloster available. It varies in price depending on the package that is requested by the customer. The large selection gives car shoppers a great deal of breathing room and relieves the stress that comes with negotiating a purchase price. 

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Feel Great about Your Pre-Owned Hyundai

The Hyundai pre-owned vehicle certification program exists so that you can feel 100 percent confident in all of your Hyundai purchasing decisions. This unique program provides buyers with a five-year, 60,000 mile New Vehicle Warranty on the certified pre-owned vehicles.

All Hyundai certified vehicles also boast a comprehensive 150-point mechanical and appearance inspection, ensuring buyers that the pre-owned vehicle has passed a litany of extensive tests and meets the highest standards. 

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A Malfunctioning Brake Pedal Can Cause a Dangerous Situation

A malfunctioning brake pedal places the driver and passengers in an unsafe situation. Everyone at the dealer wants you to be safe and secure in your vehicle. If your brake pedal does not feel firm, we encourage you to bring your vehicle to the dealer for service.

There are several issues that can cause a soft brake pedal. Your brakes function with a hydraulic pressure system. The pressure is maintained with brake fluid. When air gets into your brake lines, the fluid is prevented from flowing properly. The air must be removed before your brakes will operate properly.

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Why Do You Need a Clay Bar When Your Detailing?

If own an automobile, it is important to keep it in optimal condition on the inside and outside. That being said, when you detail your vehicle, using a clay bar can significantly help the outer coat. Read further to learn why you should use a clay bar when detailing.

Your vehicle accumulates brake dust, bug residue, and other contaminants that can damage your outer coat and lead to rust spots. Even after you wash your vehicle, you may notice a thin film. This can be prevented by using a clay bar after you watch your car. Not only will this…

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Why Should You Buy the New Hyundai Santa Fe?

Although the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe is a popular crossover SUV, it is the features that are getting a lot of attention lately. These two features should help you in your buying decision for a new SUV.

Whether you have your hands full of groceries or camping gear, the second the proximity key gets close enough to your Hyundai Santa Fe, the hatch will spring open. This is because your SUV comes with the Hands-Free Smart Liftgate feature with Auto Open.

No matter if you have to take a group of Boy Scouts to their meeting or the family to…

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There’s Value to Claim with a 2018 Hyundai Accent

The 2018 Hyundai Accent is one of the most popular compact cars on the market today. That's because it's a great value. The Accent is packed with features. It offers the best in convenience, technology, and comfort. The Accent has a smart trunk. It opens automatically when it senses the smart key. If you ever accidentally lock your keys in the car, MyHyundai with Blue Link mobile app can get you in quickly.

For safety, the Accent sits at the head of its class. There's a standard rearview camera, which makes backing up safer than ever before…

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Changing Your Oil When It Really Needs It

There are many statements about vehicle motor oil floating around. How do you know which ones are true and which ones are false, especially if they were repeated to you by an automotive expert?

One common myth is that if you use synthetic oil once, then you always have to use it. This is untrue. While using synthetic oil may be better for your vehicle overall, simply switching back and forth will not harm the vehicle if you are using the correct viscosity for your vehicle. 

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Learn How to Replace a Flat Tire

A flat tire can leave you stranded if you do not know how to take that tire off and replace it with your vehicle's spare. It is important for you to know how to do that job so that you can take care of yourself and stick to your plans.

If your tire goes flat, get your vehicle off of the roadway. Park the vehicle in a safe place, clear of traffic. 

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What is a Transfer Case?

Your four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle provides you with the flexibility you need to travel through some rugged terrain. In order to keep the 4WD in top-running order, it’s necessary to keep up with routine maintenance.

The transfer case, located behind the transmission, houses the gears that transfer the vehicle’s drive capability from a two-wheel to a 4WD. It works with the driveshaft at the front and rear axles to slow the rotational speed of each of the 4 wheels. The wheels then rotate at the same time to create the traction necessary to climb that ridge.

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How to Identify Hose Leaks

Over time, hoses start leaking, and belts start cracking. For those of you who have owned a car for more than five years can relate to this fact. Understanding that your car needs to be serviced at the right time is non-negotiable, and it’s a rule that should be followed through every time.

Since it the hoses that transfer fuel and coolants throughout the car, you can be sure that if they start leaking, then your car will not perform to its optimum level. On the other hand, if your drive belts begin to wear out, some features like…

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