A Malfunctioning Brake Pedal Can Cause a Dangerous Situation

A malfunctioning brake pedal places the driver and passengers in an unsafe situation. Everyone at the dealer wants you to be safe and secure in your vehicle. If your brake pedal does not feel firm, we encourage you to bring your vehicle to the dealer for service.

There are several issues that can cause a soft brake pedal. Your brakes function with a hydraulic pressure system. The pressure is maintained with brake fluid. When air gets into your brake lines, the fluid is prevented from flowing properly. The air must be removed before your brakes will operate properly. Another issue is caused when the steel tubing of your brake lines is corroded by rust. The hose can become riddled with small holes causing your hose to collapse. This enables the brake fluid to leak.

If your brake pedal requires a replacement or repair it is imperative the issue is resolved as quickly as possible. Our service department at Lee Hyundai of Florence is here to help.



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