What is a Transfer Case?

Your four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle provides you with the flexibility you need to travel through some rugged terrain. In order to keep the 4WD in top-running order, it’s necessary to keep up with routine maintenance.

The transfer case, located behind the transmission, houses the gears that transfer the vehicle’s drive capability from a two-wheel to a 4WD. It works with the driveshaft at the front and rear axles to slow the rotational speed of each of the 4 wheels. The wheels then rotate at the same time to create the traction necessary to climb that ridge.

An oil leak could indicate that the seals have worn enough to let oil through. It happens with age and use. When you’re in the local area and looking for quality service, stop into Lee Hyundai of Florence and have one of our technicians take a look. We’re happy to help keep you on the road.

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