How to Identify Hose Leaks

Over time, hoses start leaking, and belts start cracking. For those of you who have owned a car for more than five years can relate to this fact. Understanding that your car needs to be serviced at the right time is non-negotiable, and it’s a rule that should be followed through every time.

Since it the hoses that transfer fuel and coolants throughout the car, you can be sure that if they start leaking, then your car will not perform to its optimum level. On the other hand, if your drive belts begin to wear out, some features like the power steering pump stops working with precision, and that could endanger the lives of the people in the car.

Let us help you solve all these belts and hoses problems once and for all. Pay a visit to meet with our service experts at Lee Hyundai of Florence and get to learn more about how to maintain your car.

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