Changing Your Oil When It Really Needs It

There are many statements about vehicle motor oil floating around. How do you know which ones are true and which ones are false, especially if they were repeated to you by an automotive expert?

One common myth is that if you use synthetic oil once, then you always have to use it. This is untrue. While using synthetic oil may be better for your vehicle overall, simply switching back and forth will not harm the vehicle if you are using the correct viscosity for your vehicle. Another myth is that the oil filter doesn't need to be changed every time the oil is changed. This is false because if the filter is not changed, contaminants can enter the clean oil from the filter.

If you have any questions about changing the motor oil, come in to our service center at Lee Hyundai of Florence in Florence, SC, and we will answer any questions you may have and also provide you with any needed services.

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