Pre-Road Trip Checklist for Safer Travels

Getting to your destination when you have a long drive ahead could be just a matter of preparing for trouble and avoiding it along the way. These are a few things to consider bringing along for the ride to make certain your vehicle is ready:

  • Make sure you have a couple cans of fix-a-flat and check that the spare tire is full of air before you leave for the trip.
  • Pack a set of jumper cables in the trunk in case the battery fails along the journey.
  • Bring a small box of assorted tools, so you are able to make a repair and get a disabled vehicle off the road to a service center.
  • Bring a gas can so you can have someone get you fuel instead of waiting for someone to show up with a can.

Stop by Lee Hyundai of Florence and let our team inspect the vehicle to make certain it is ready for the long drive.

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